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Great design is for everyone

I’m a Finnish graphic designer working and living in Tampere Finland. I’ve had the possibility to pursue my passion for design in Tampere University of Applied Sciences entrepreneurship unit Proacademy and the Signature Works portfolio showcases my graphic and web design work. 

Design goes where we go and everyone is influenced by it. There’s no question about its power to affect our daily decisions, actions and behaviour. I for one want to make great design available for everyone and get people to understand the power of branding and visual elements.

I’m proud of every single project I have had the possibility to be part of. As proof I’m using my signature as a mark of quality, which I seek to achieve with every single piece of design.


Tommi Tuovinen

Contact Information

Tommi Tuovinen

+358 45 672 9871

Finlaysoninkuja 21 A

33210 Tampere